The Author

The author of the blog is Hans Peter Ulrich.

Hans Peter (short “Hans”) was born in Neuss, Germany, and has been living in the UK since the year 2000. He considers himself a Citizen of the World with roots in Europe and subscribes to the conviction that the cooperation by citizens around the globe is required to enhance and maintain the well-being of people in any part of the world, to maintain the globe in a good state for future generations, and to preserve the dignity of human life in an increasingly technocratic modern world. He invites you to join and would like to co-operate with you in these efforts.

Hans has been working on issues of effectiveness in democratic policy making for more than a decade. He is an economist by training with an additional degree in Operational Research and Decision Sciences. His professional experience includes work in corporate and international project finance in Germany, accounting in a manufacturing company in the United States, in mass privatization and economic restructuring in East Germany, in international development (bad loan management and corporate restructuring) in Indonesia and in Bosnia (short term assignment), as well as a trade representative for a Sri Lanka manufacturing company.

Experiencing ineffectiveness and lack of co-ordination in the way international development policy was delivered Hans concentrated his work in the area of policy making at first on the issue of effectiveness in international development policy. In a paper Enhancing the effectiveness of international development – a systems approach (Development in Practice, 04/2010) he was able to develop a novel perspective on the management of international development policy.

Realizing that fundamental deficiencies in the way our democratic policy making systems work are not only responsible for the limited effectiveness and efficiency he observed in international development, but affect all policy areas in democratic countries, the well-being of people, and the future of the entire globe, Hans has been working since then on the question of how to ensure that our democratic policy systems work more effectively.


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