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Please join us in building an “Optimizing Democracy Association” in the UK, in your own country, and a network of organizations around the globe.

Democracy cannot function effectively without a citizens’ organization shaping and controlling the performance of our policy making system. The minimum we as citizens can do for democracy to work is to strengthen the organization by joining it as members and by providing a small financial contribution to establishing it. The expected benefits in reducing wastage of public funds and tax money are likely to easily outweigh such a contribution. Further financial support by any organization or person who can contribute will be welcome. Procedures for memberships and providing financial contributions will be established at a later point in time. Please check again for these matters.

Beyond this, the co-operation with and support by any citizen interested in enhancing the capability of democracy to cope better with the challenges of our time is most welcome and necessary.

In order to build a strong organization we need in particular website designers, computer systems experts, editors, writers, event managers, and fundraisers. To establish the best way forward also the co-operation with and input from political scientists, students in the political sciences and other areas, political activists, independent and open minded politicians, public employees, operational research experts, managers, systems thinkers, management and public policy consultants will be valuable. Of course also the experience and input of retired professionals will be highly appreciated.

The initiative hopes to establish contacts with initiatives such as Real Democracia Ya in Spain, initiatives in Greece, in the US, in Arab countries, and generally with citizen movements in any country aiming to strengthen democracy.

To contact us, please email us at


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