To give the reader an idea which issues will be discussed in this blog we include the following tentative table of contents:

I.                    Introduction

  •  For solving the most difficult problems the best tools are required.
  • A new perspective on democracy?
  • Who can benefit from this blog?

 II.                  Why optimize democracy?

  • The critical present situation
  • Lots of proposals – but no progress
  • Burke: The good must associate, else they will fall.

 III.                Government Failures

  •  What is actually wrong with our democratic systems?
  • The causes for government failures

IV.               How to optimize democracy?

  •  Preconditions for optimizing democracy
  • Systems – Thinking :  Complete problem analysis and creating effective systems
  • The key factors:  Know-how and control
  • Optimizing democracy: The fundamental structure
  • The sequence of actions in optimizing democracy
  • No results without citizens taking action
  • Greece – A case study

V.                 The benefits of optimizing democracy

  •  From Occupy To Optimizing Democracy
  • Specific benefits for the quality of policy making

 VI.               Alternative proposals for more effective democratic policy making

 VII.             Final Comments

  •  Optimizing Democracy – The chances for success
  • The role of politicians in optimizing democracy

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